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Frequently Asked Questions

Altcoin Harvest is the first crypto fund of it’s kind. We enable investors to mine Chia Coin without any mining experience or knowledge. Your investor funds are allocated 100% to purchasing mining rigs, and with investor pooled resources allocation time of winning Chia blocks is greatly increased. 

Yes, our minimum investment amount is $25,000 and only accredited inventors can currently participate.

1. We find the most favorable acquisitions with your contribution for low priced mining hardware, availability, and delivery time.

2. We manage the shipping of the equipment to the “mining farm”.

3. We install and configure the machines in a room with a regulated temperature.

4. We monitor the machines to make sure they are mining as much as they can.

5. We maintain the machines in great condition and continually make sure they are fully optimized (clean the dust, restart them, upgrade to the latest softwares).

6. We transfer profits into your secured digital wallet monthly.

7. We help you create a digital wallet if you do not have one or do not know how to get one.

8. We manage everything from A to Z

Our corporate office and mailing address is:
Altcoin Harvest LLC
4500 Park Granada,
Suite 202 - #2030,
Calabasas, CA 91302

Yes, we require a minimum of 1 year for funds to be allocated to Altcoin Harvest’s mining operations. Please request and read our offering memorandum regarding partial and full liquidations.

As a participant in the Altcoin Harvest Fund, you will be awarded a third (33%) of all Chia coins that we mine. Payment of Chia coins will be paid out monthly at the end of every month (the settlement date) directly into your digital wallet.

Yes, in the future we plan on expanding our mining operation into other altcoins that we identify and believe are viable and profitable to mine.

No, we don’t. We are not an eCommerce business.

Yes, we allow tax-free rollover funds to invest into the Altcoin Harvest Fund.

We are crypto mining experts but we are not fund managers. As such, we will not manage or invest your funds on financial markets and we will not be able to provide any advice on price movement, forecast, etc. We custom build crypto mining equipment on your behalf, look after it for you and send you the profits you generate with your machines.

We are not tax advisors and we cannot provide any advice on taxes. Generally, you have to pay some taxes on the profits and incomes where you live. We invite you to get in touch with an accountant if you are not too sure.

Please fill out your details on our contact us page. Once submitted we will contact you and discuss your viability for the Altcoin Harvest Fund, and send you electronically an offering memorandum which includes our Business Strategy, Risk Factors, Subscription Documents and Payment Method.

Still Have Questions? Let’s Get In Touch

If you still have some questions, contact us and we will clarify everything for you. If you are ready to start mining like a pro, contact us to start the onboarding process.