Chia – The cleanest way to mine and invest in cryptocurrencies

Driving the industry forward with the world’s most eco-friendly coin.

Altcoin Harvest is offering participation in the cryptocurrency market, specifically Chia, but without the volatility price swings associated with cryptos and the ease of collecting passive income through mining.

Eco-friendly mining

Storage-based protocol

Green coin alternative


In series D Funding


Company Valuation

Why invest in Chia?

Chia is the future of cryptocurrency. Compared to traditional miners that consume wicked amounts of electricity, noise, and heat, Chia is committed to friendly environmentally farming – with low power consumption, zero heat, and becoming a green alternative for other solutions.

The future of sustainable cryptocurrencies

Chia Coin offers a fair, eco-friendly, and solid foundation for an even stronger blockchain for the future through a fresh consensus algorithm – Proof of Space and Time. Altcoin Harvest is already financially supported by its co-founders. 100% of all money invested is solely used to purchase computer hardware to generate more income for accredited investors like you. This means $0 salaries and $0 management fees paid to any of Altcoin Harvest’s employees or owners.

Our Vision

Investors benefiting from the mining pool profitability without the knowledge of crypto mining.

Our Mision

Providing passive income monthly to our investors while offering access to the latest green altcoins.


New month, more Chia

By launching the first community investment Chia farming pool, we’re able to allocate more in the Chia Network and get higher percentages of winning Chia blocks. With pooled resources, profits are greater. The more you invest, the more you’ll be rewarded. Based on your investments, you’ll receive instant Chia Coins in your digital wallet every month.

Invest and be part of the revolution

100% hardware allocation

Be confident that all funds are fueling the purchase of crypto mining hardware.

Grow with us

Strengthen the probability of mining blocks and be part of the community pool.

Monthly Chia Coins

Get Chia coins monthly into your digital wallet based on your investment.

The digital gold rush is here

When it comes to crypto mining, production streams are constant – regardless of price. Miners gain an edge in the market with this consistency and are shielded from most price fluctuations. At Altcoin Harvest, we believe that great change is about to shift the industry in a direction we are already on. With more light shining onto robust and sustainable eco-friendly green coin alternatives, we’re proud to be among the first Chia investment farming pool operators in the US – giving you the chance to capitalize on what we believe will become our new future.

“The first operational fund dedicated to the mining of Chia coin for non miners. We share mining profits with our investors on a monthly basis.”
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